BGAN 710 Firmware Upgrade

21 September, 2018 Inmarsat BGAN Explorer 710

Please be informed that a new software version 1.08 has been released for the BGAN Explorer 710.
This version introduces updated features – including a new feature set similar to the EXPLORER 540 M2M terminal.

MEDIUM: It is recommended to apply this change /initiative next time the
system(s) is inspected.

Changes from software version 1.07 to version 1.08:
New Features:
Terminal Watchdog (TWD)
– With a scheduled interval, the TWD will perform a terminal health check. The TWD verifies:
o Valid System Time
o Valid position
o Attachment to BGAN network
o Successful TWD initiated PDP setup
o Successful ping response via TWD initiated PDP (optional)

Non-Inmarsat BGAN SIM cards
– Support for Non-Inmarsat BGAN SIM cards in the terminal.

M2M Functions
– Support for M2M SMS and AT commands similar to the EXPLORER 540.
– Note the following limitations:
o The Explorer 510 does not support M2M BGAN SIM cards.
o The Explorer 510 does not support OTA SW upgrade from the Inmarsat FUP server, but 3rd party
FTP server is supported.
o The Explorer 510 does not support M2M Power Save and corresponding wake-up functions
SMS messages controlled by the AT shell

Updated Features:
Updated status for PPPoE controlled PDP
– The Web interface and Local display will now show status for PPPoE controlled PDPs.
Updated status for AT-cmd controlled PDP
– The Web interface and Local display will now show status for AT-cmd controlled PDPs.
Updates to the Web interface
– Minor updates to the Web interface; New “Advanced LAN” tile and some updates to tile names
and structure.

Cellular data sessions logged
– Cellular data sessions are included in the call log and the total counters.
Faster HDR start-up
– The HDR function has been updated to ensure maximum bandwidth shortly after the HDR
PDP is established

Pointing Sound volume control
– Pointing sound volume setting in Web Terminal settings.

Important Bug fixes:
Applying repeated AT commands without a delay could cause the terminal to reboot.

Update is possible only from previous release 1.05 or 1.06.
– For older versions, a step-upgrade to 1.05 is necessary.
– For versions 1.00 and 1.01, it is necessary to step-upgrade to 1.02 and then 1.05.

Restriction when software upgrade is powered by battery.
– If the battery capacity is below 25% a SW upgrade will be rejected.

Step-upgrading to 1.05: Software upgrade must be conducted with the DC power supply connected. If
the upgrade is conducted while the EXPLORER 710 operates in battery mode, an AVR Processor
software cannot be completed and may result in an error message error code 16. The final stage of
the software update will however be completed once the terminal is connected to the DC power and
indicated by the status LED flashing blue