Traksat – Track it Everywhere


Traksat was founded in 2012 as a specialized branch of IEC Telecom Group to answer the growing need for Machine To Machine, Fleet Tracking and Asset Management applications.


We deliver wireless data turn-key solutions over multiple wireless networks and provide custom development services for those companies that do not have the in-house expertise.


We create advanced wireless communication solutions, for vehicles, assets and personnel security and tracking. Whether you are tracking remote mobile assets such as vehicles, vessels or trains, or communicating with remote pumps / weather stations, we provide you with the platform that enables you to act and feel as if you were positioned where your remote asset is located.


In addition to supporting the largest variety of compatible 3rd party hardware devices, we  have solutions for any terrestrial network including VHF/UHF and GSM/GPRS/3G but also on satellite networks such as Thuraya, Inmarsat, Iridium and Globalstar ! We are also developing applications using mix of technology such as WiFi, SpreadSpectrum or RFID systems …




  • Turn Iridium Extreme phones  into portable trackers with a panic switch and 2-way text.
  • With Iridium 9555, add a GPS docking station to give them great tracking capabilities on land or at sea.
  • Use Inmarsat BGAN modems portable or vehicular, add full tracking functions to know where and when your staff are using it.
  • Installed Inmarsat Fleet Broadband onboard, use it to enable tracking and security of your vessels.
  • Have Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro or IsatPhone 2 or  Thuraya XT handhelds to use the embedded GPS inside to broadcast your location and request assistance in the field
  • Professional services with Globalstar SPOT units, upgrade and reactivate them with us.




  • You have Android or Blackberry smartphones or Windows tablets, use our professional apps with smart features such as team messaging and security including AES-256 encryption.
  • You use Kenwood Nexedge or older analogue FleetSync radios or even Icom Idas radios, track them and give them the opportunity to exchange text with anyone even though emails.
  • You already have some tracking solutions and you’re not satisfied with the service. We are compliant with more than 50 different type of hardware on the market and we can integrate on demand other brands or technologies.
  • We have a unique data bundle plan with gsm/gprs simcard valid over more than 160 countries and satellite airtime when terrestrial networks are out of reach.


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We are customer focused market driven company. We provide innovative, high quality products and solutions even in the most remote environments. We are flexible and respond quickly to changing market needs. Tracking and M2M solutions, we offer solutions for many different applications: engine monitoring, alarm backup, temperature surveillance, job dispatch & driver status, lone worker protection, etc …

You can browse our website for more details : but also contact us directly through any IEC  Telecom Group sales person.