Digital Barriers

Digital Barriers was established in 2009 to provide advanced surveillance technologies to the international homeland security and defence markets. We bring innovative new thinking and solutions to the protection of our most critical national assets, locations and infrastructure. We combine a long heritage in the security and defence sectors, with operational expertise and an understanding of how best to apply and deploy emerging technologies.
We specialize in delivering intelligent surveillance information from challenging environments, and in applying intelligence as close as possible to the scene under surveillance. We work with governments, multinational corporations and system integrators on the most complex and critical surveillance challenges across defence, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, transport and natural resources.
Our technology is designed to work in remote, hostile, and mobile environments, or to support the large-scale surveillance schemes that underpin public safety and security. Today we support the operations of government and law enforcement agencies all over the world. We also protect high-profile locations such as borders, airports, military bases, oil and gas facilities and public transportation systems.




Our technical architects, product specialists and design engineers assist organizations in developing surveillance capabilities that provide the intelligence to inform critical decision-making. We work with customers to help them deploy surveillance solutions that are integral to security, safety and operational management objectives.
We combine innovative technologies with real world expertise to ensure that surveillance solutions are fit for purpose, flexible and cost-effective. We believe in unlocking the potential of technology to improve surveillance, overcoming the constraints of conventional infrastructure and the challenge of large volumes of information.