Energy Solutions

The fossil and renewable energy industry has seen operations growing rapidly over the last 2 decades and is now more than ever a matter of strategic importance for businesses and governments.


We understand the need for oil and gas, mining or utilities sites to rely on secure, scalable and most importantly reliable communications. IEC Telecom provides off the shelf or customized solutions covering:

Usually located in the most remote locations on earth, energy projects sites usually suffer from inexistent or unreliable telecommunications networks and need to deploy voice and data connections for their daily activities.




From exploration phase to extraction or production, rigs or mines sites can count on IEC Telecom Group satellite solutions to:


  • Ensure a constant link with their headquarters, aiding faster decision-making
  • Access to operation-critical applications such as email, videoconference, SAP…
  • Reliably transmit, access, exchange and monitor their data
  • Provide welfare communications to the staff helping to maintain morale during periods of separation from their families

IEC Telecom has significant experience in delivering, integrating and maintaining satellite-based communications systems such as MSS (Mobile Satellite Service) or VSAT to the energy sector. Among our customers we number oil and gas offshore and onshore platforms, and mining companies operating in the most hazardous locations, electricity actors and water-management organizations.




Sound operational management including maintenance of any energy site is critical, requiring site staff to stay in constant touch with their office or headquarters to ensure close supervision of day to day tasks.


Mobile solutions for voice and data connectivity ensure that instructions are promptly passed to site allowing head office to allow instant feedback from diagnostics tests running thousands of kilometres away.
Daily productivity is improved as field staff can send and receive emails, text messages, make phones calls and even join videoconferences while working at distant sites.





Thanks to IEC Telecom Group IP data services such as BGAN M2M or VSAT solutions, you can automatically send specific measurement data and then monitor usage of your critical infrastructure remotely, avoiding costly and unnecessary visits to site.
M2M transmissions result in significant cost reductions and improved assets management.





Generally, being far away from medical facilities, energy companies make Health & Security policy one of their priorities on exploration, extraction and production sites.

To help peace of mind, it has become the rule to equip workers with satellite phones or mobile solutions which automatically track their real-time locations. In this way, whatever occurs, the location of on-site staff will always be known allowing prompt response in the case of an emergency.




For rig or mine owners who seek to retain employees by improving their quality of life , Wi-Fi Hotspot provides a solution while restricting abuse and limiting bandwidth costs.
We are able to provide them with an array of solutions to deploy shared Wi-Fi connections allowing operations staff to stay in touch with their friends and family during their time on duty.


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Completely independent from terrestrial or cellular network

Ensure front-line staff security

Our mobile handhelds and tracking solutions allow your operational team to keep in touch and ask for assistance if needed

Flexible & adapted airtime plans

Large range of available terminals

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Focus on your mission, we take care of your telecommunications. You can rely on our solutions at any time and any place.

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