Enterprise Solutions

When your business operations are located where conventional networks do not exist or are insufficient IEC Telecom will provide a solution whatever your connectivity needs might be.


Whether you are a global or local enterprise, we understand how critical communications are to your business. Thanks to our complete satellite links and solution for businesses, users are never at risk of being disconnected from their email, phone calls or critical business applications even in the most isolated areas.



Our mobile solutions for entreprise include satellite handheld, portable modems and VSAT solutions provide secure and reliable voice and/or data connectivity wherever and whenever needed.
Our large range of mobile handheld and Wi-Fi enablers allow users to access voice and low speed data connectivity instantly and stay connected anywhere.





IEC Telecom provides the bandwidth necessary to ensure that offices stay connected no matter how remote the location.
Our broadband solutions enable multiple users to obtain secure and reliable connectivity to access business-critical applications such as email, intranet, internet access, video-conferencing, large file transfers…
Our portable modems (Inmarsat BGAN Range or Thuraya IP+) and our VSAT solutions answer any specific requirements and keep your team connected regardless of what happens to conventional networks. Our satellite enterprise solutions offer about 99.5% availability and are used as primary or secondary links by many local and international enterprises worldwide.





To ensure operational efficiency and optimum user experience IEC Telecom have developed value-added services such as: bandwidth optimization, content filtering, secure VPN connectivity and tailor-made solutions that ensure your business runs with maximum efficiency.


We manage logistics and deliver equipment to site, ensure technical and after-sales support to make sure that your communication systems are always up and running, even in the most remote locations and extreme conditions.


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Focus on your mission, we take care of your telecommunications. You can rely on our solutions at any time and any place.

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