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Ka Band – VSAT Solution

OptiLINK Ka gathers all IEC Telecom Ka-band VSAT services offers. Based on a multi-network approach this high throughput VSAT service allows users to benefit from very high bandwidth and deploy critical data applications.

Based on a multi-network approach, OptiLINK Ka enables broadband connectivity where and when you need it, independently from existing networks or infrastucture.
OptiLINK Ka offers users unlimited voice and data usage with speeds of up to 50 Mbps covering Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia even in the most isolated areas.


Ideal for users needing high volume usage and intensive data applications, our solutions can be tailored to any specific need and adapted to suit bandwidth requirements and budgetary constraints.
OptiLINK Ka VSAT solutions can be used as primary link for unlimited usage, on a occasional use basis or as back-up solution for critical business applications.


Users can rely on dedicated bandwidth (guaranteed throughput on your link) or shared bandwidth (with theorical maximum throughput available) and benefit from 99.5% network availability.


OptiLINK Ka service deployment can be made on mobile/fly-away, vehicular of fixed VSAT antennas ranging from 0.75 cm to 2.4 m diameter.


The satellite link can be activated on demand, even on short notice and billing is based upon the subscription mode selected.
The expert IEC Telecom team can tailor a proposal or offer a turnkey solution to suit specific needs and constraints and manage the entire project from beginning to end.



24/7 Global Technical Support

Completely independent from terrestrial or cellular network

Cost-effective Solution

Easy to install and maintain

Flexible Service Offering

Global Coverage

Seamless coverage network accross the world, except for poles

Reliable communications services

Peace-of-mind telecommunications solution - You can rely on it at any time

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