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Terra 800 – LinkPhone

Terra 800 is a multi-satellite terminal, which operates within the Inmarsat services with a connection to the line “IsatPhone Link».

Designed for a wide range of land-based applications, Terra 800 delivers clear voice quality data at a low speed.

With intelligent interface RJ11 / POTS, the terminal enables connection of up to 5 standard wired / cordless phones or integration into the PBX system. The device can support cable lengths up to 600 meters and includes a built-in set of standard ringer sounds, employment signals and tones.

The terminal also has an additional slot for SIM-cards by using more than one person. High-quality directional / fixed antenna Terra 800 system allows anyone to enjoy a fully integrated solution that can be deployed at any time around the world.

Advanced Billing System: OptiSIM

Compact & Robust terminals

Easy to install, it is designed to perform even in harsh conditions

Completely independent from terrestrial or cellular network

Cost-effective Solution

Easy to install and maintain

Easy to Use

Global Coverage

Seamless coverage network accross the world, except for poles

Reliable communications services

Peace-of-mind telecommunications solution - You can rely on it at any time