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A Single solution offering quasi-global coverage with flexible regional tariff plans

Solution Overview

Thuraya VSAT+ is a comprehensive communications solution for corporate and crew management needs with a quasi-global coverage. It is applicable to all vessel types and suitable for varied maritime budget requirements. Equipped with value-added services from IEC Telecom, the new offering provides superior communication capabilities while keeping your satcom costs at bay. Thuraya VSAT+ merges Ku- and L-Band services, first, to secure high bandwidth, and second, to serve as resilient backup.


Thuraya VSAT+ caters to the rising demands for higher bandwidth requirements in the maritime industry. The service enables crew and officials to be on par with onshore connectivity and stay in touch with ports, ground crew, family and friends with optimized voice, narrowband, broadband data and onboard management systems.


Flexible Regional Tariff Plans

IEC Telecom offers various packages for all vessel types with no yearly lock-in commitment. With a fixed-pricing model, it eliminates billing complexities and presents an attractive cost-saving option.


IEC Telecom enhances Thuraya VSAT+ with an on-board or centralized voucher management system for control and optimization of corporate and crew welfare communication. In addition, customers get access to advanced reporting tools and 24/7 technical support.


Why Thuraya VSAT+?

Thuraya VSAT+ is a communications solution that offers flexibility to meet user requirements as they grow. In combination with a suite of value-added services offered by IEC Telecom, Thuraya VSAT+ is an unparallelled solution for marine communications.


Thuraya VSAT+ empowers marine crew and officers to seamlessly use one service for multiple vessel applications, thereby facilitating all-round maritime efficiency. These applications include:


  • Office-at-sea
  • Crew welfare
  • Vessel databases
  • Cargo manifest
  • Crew training
  • Maintenance reports
  • Chart and software updates
  • Task assignment (particularly for oil and gas technical drawings/instructions)
  • Cargo conditions reporting (particularly for chilled goods)

A Secure, Integrated Maritime Service

A Strong Maritime Alliance

An Efficient, Cost-Cutting Solution

Easy Installation and Troubleshooting

Increased Bandwidth Capabilities

Quasi-global coverage